Milk On't move DONE


Ain't it grand knowing exactly where your milk comes from!

Our mobile milk vending machine sits inside 'The Home Farm Dairy Barn' - a horse trailer specially converted into a mobile shop. The trailer is parked in a different Wensleydale village each day of the week - see below for the timetable. We also have a second vending machine in Campbells in Leyburn.

Simply select your bottle (glass or plastic) take off the lid and fill up! Our glass bottles are reusable - just wash and sterilise between each refill. The machine is cash only (coins or notes) and gives change.

The milk has only been very gently pasteurised so a lovely layer of cream will settle on the top. If you'd prefer to enjoy your milk without this, give the bottle a good shake before use.

We also have milkshakes and cheese available in the trailer.

Milk (1 litre): £1
Milk (1/2 litre): 60p
Large glass bottle (1L): £2
Small glass bottle (1/2L): £1.50
Plastic bottles: 10p
Make it a milkshake: 30p per shot
Cheese (200g): £3.50

Aysgarth George & Dragon, Aysgarth. DL8 3AD
West Burton West Burton village green, opposite the memorial. DL8 4LA 
Askrigg Bainbridge Vets, Station Surgery, Askrigg. DL8 3BJ
Or visit our second milk vending machine at:
Campbells, Leyburn 4 Commercial Square, Leyburn. DL8 5BP