Happy cows DONE


100 cows
Each known by name.
We are a small farm by modern standards, but this means we can give every cow the care and attention they deserve.

Free Range
Our cows graze outside on the rolling hills of Wensleydale for as long as the Yorkshire weather will allow - usually April to November.

Cows love a good scratch
In Winter it's too cold and wet for our ladies outside, so they live in our brand new spacious airy cattle shed. Comfy mattresses, lots of space and even two scratching brushes to satisfy those itches!

Happy cows produce quality milk
Here at Home Farm we know that happy healthy cows produce great milk, which is why we put herd health at the forefront of everything we do.

Quality over quantity
Our herd is a mixture of Holsteins and Fresians. We prefer our cows to produce a smaller volume of higher quality milk. Our milk is high in butterfat and protein.

Fresh green grass
It's as simple as that. The vast majority of our cows diet is the grass grown right here on the farm. To make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need they also have a small amount of "cow cake" - sadly not the Victoria sponge variety!

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