About our milk DONE


3 simple steps to delicious milk

1. The beautiful valley of Wensleydale
Great milk starts with the fresh green grass eaten by our cows.

2. Milking time
5am and 5pm. We milk our cows twice a day, every day (even Christmas day!)

3. Pasteurise and enjoy!
The milk is gently pasteurised and then added straight into the vending machine - zero food miles!

Why is our milk better than supermarket milk?
check_box Zero food miles Some supermarket milk travels halfway down the country for processing and then back again to be sold - crazy! We have fresh creamy milk produced right here on your doorstep.
check_box Natural Supermarket milk is pastuerised and then standardised - the cream is removed and then added back in specific quantities to make it whole, semi skimmed or skimmed. Ours is simply pasteurised and then it's ready to go, no messing about!
check_box Lovely and creamy Supermarket milk is also homogenised - the fat molecules are smashed into pieces to make them all the same size - so there's no natural layer of cream on the top.
check_box Fresh milk on tap When did supermarket milk last see a cow? All this travelling around and processing takes time. By the time the milk arrives on the supermarket shelf it could be up to a week old. Our milk is the freshest you can find, straight from our cows to you.
check_box Happy cows Supermarket milk could have come from any farm in the country - there's no tracability. By buying our milk you know it comes from a local farm and the cows are well cared for. Follow us on social media for the latest updates on life on the farm.
check_box Glass bottles We have glass bottles available so you can ditch the plastic and re use time and time again. (Of course we do also offer plastic bottles in case you forget to bring your glass one!)