Campbell’s milk vending machine opening Friday 19th June

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Campbell’s milk vending machine opening Friday 19th June

Campbells We finally have an opening date – 1pm on Friday 19th June! From next Friday you will be able to pick up our fresh farm milk in glass bottles from our new milk vending machine in Campbell's of Leyburn!

The machine will be at the back of the store, next to the deli counter, and will work exactly the same as our existing machine. Buy a reusable glass bottle (1 litre or ½ litre) and fill it up with delicious, fresh milk. The bottle is then yours to keep and reuse – just wash and sterilise between each refill.

The machine is simple to use, but for those who haven’t seen it before we will be on hand initially to explain how it works. We’ll also be posting a ‘How to’ video to our social media next Friday.

Milk As well as fresh farm milk, you'll also be able to pick up a milkshake. For those who haven’t seen the milkshakes in our mobile milk trailer, you have the option to add a shot of flavoured milkshake syrup to your half litre of milk and shake to make a milkshake! We will have 3 regular flavours (strawberry, chocolate and banana) and one special that changes regularly.

Milk will be priced at £1 for 1 litre or 60p for a 1/2 litre. Glass bottles are £2 for a 1 litre or £1.50 for a 1/2 litre. It’s cash only (coins or notes) and gives change.

Loyalty keys will work in the machine. You will be able to use your loyalty key at both Campbells and our mobile milk vending machine. Find out more about loyalty keys here.

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