Join us for The British Cheese Weekender


Join us as we take part in the British Cheese Weekender this Friday 8th May.

We are all using the lockdown as an excuse to eat even more delicious food (or is that just us?!) so what could be better than a whole weekend of events dedicated to the country's finest cheese.

With us unable to do farm tours in person at the moment, we will be doing a virtual tour on Facebook. Look out for short videos throughout the day, as Ben takes you on a journey around Home Farm. Meet the cows and follow the story from milking parlour to cheese and into our maturing room.

We started making our first batches of Old Roan last year (after many years of planning!). Old Roan is the first farmhouse Wensleydale cheese made in the Dale since 1957. A hundred years ago almost every dairy farm here would have made their own cheese. It’s made using raw milk to a slow traditional recipe, resulting in a cheese that is smooth and creamy - similar to how Wensleydale would have tasted back then.


10am: Meet the girls
Outside in the beautiful hills of Wensleydale, get to know the stars of the show - our cows.

12pm: In the cow shed
Showing you around our new cow housing and the features that keep the cows as comfy as possible while they live inside during the winter.

3pm: Into the milking parlour
Find out how to milk a cow! We show you around our milking parlour and talk about some of the clever tech we have installed.

5pm: The best bit - the maturing room cheese
We saved the best until last. Have a look around our maturing room and find out more about our Old Roan Wensleydale cheese

If you’d like to try Old Roan, you can order online here

Or pick up a piece from one of the fab small businesses in Yorkshire that stock us here

The British Cheese Weekender 8-10 May 2020 is a free, online cheese festival featuring live-streamed talks, tastings, farm tours, quizzes and cookery demos by some of the country's leading cheese experts. We are relatively new into the world of artisan cheese so we are extremely proud to be surround by some of the industry’s top cheese makers and mongers! Find the full schedule for The British Cheese Weekender here

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