Our highlights from The British Cheese Weekender


Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in for our online farm tour to celebrate the British Cheese Weekender last weekend. As we enjoyed the weekend so much we thought we would pick out our favourite events from other cheesemakers, along with links to where you can watch them.

Our top 5 events
The Courtyard Dairy: The British cheese revival - link
The Courtyard Dairy is a fantastic cheese shop near Settle in Yorkshire. In this video award winning cheesemonger Andy Swinscoe talks about how British cheese reinvented itself. When The Courtyard Dairy opened 7 years ago there were no farmhouse cheesemakers within 20 miles of the shop. There are now 4 (including us!) All using raw milk and traditional methods. You can buy our Old Roan cheese in their traditional British Cheese selection box here.

Cellarman Sam: Cheese and Wine. For Kids! - link
Tune in for some more unusual cheese pairings which are suitable for the little ones. From elderflower lemonade to pear juice, find the perfect cheese to match. Our favourite was the debate on the perfect crisp – cheese and onion pom bear or beef monster munch!

Trethowan Brothers: A Dairy Story - link
A tour around the dairy at the Trethowan Brothers where they make Gorwdd Caerphilly and Pitchfork cheddar – voted 4th best cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards!

Wensleydale Creamery: Cheese grading - link
Phil Jones from the Wensleydale Creamery talks through how they check and grade their cheeses. After we make our Old Roan cheese, the rest of the milk we produce goes to the Creamery in Hawes to make these cheeses. We have been supplying our milk there for over 20 years! They have given us tons of support over the past few years to help us get started in the world of cheese making.

Neals Yard Dairy: Behind the Scenes - link
Behind the scenes at the famous London cheesemongers. Walk your way through their maturing rooms and learn about the many different varieties of British cheese you can find in there.

The Home Farmer - farm tour
If you missed our tour don’t worry, you can catch it by following the links below. We split the tour into four 5 minute videos as Ben took you on a journey from cows to milking parlour and into the cheese maturing room!
10am: Meet the girls
12pm: In the cow shed
3pm: Into the milking parlour
5pm: The best bit - the maturing room cheese

Old Roan cheese
We started making our first batches of Old Roan last year (after many years of planning!). Old Roan is the first farmhouse Wensleydale cheese made in the Dale since 1957. A hundred years ago almost every dairy farm here would have made their own cheese. It’s made using raw milk to a slow traditional recipe, resulting in a cheese that is smooth and creamy - similar to how Wensleydale would have tasted back then.

If you’d like to try Old Roan, you can order online here Or pick up a piece from one of the fab small businesses in Yorkshire that stock us here

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