Farmhouse Cheese


Delicious Wensleydale cheese, made in small batches by hand, right here on the farm.

Using a traditional recipe, and raw milk to give it added flavour, our cheese is creamier and less crumbly than the typical Wensleydale that you may be more familiar with.
Everything happens right here on the farm, from growing the lush Wensleydale grass our ladies love to eat, to milking the cows, ensuring sure they're in tip top health and making the cheese.

Our first batch sold out in record time. Our next batches are maturing nicely and should be ready in December - just in time for your Christmas cheese boards!
We will post on social media once it is ready. Initially it will just be available from 'The Home Farm Diary Barn' - our horse box converted into a mobile shop. Check out our social media pages for the latest updates: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The finished product!

The maturing room - where the magic happens

Turning the milk into curds and whey

Cheese curd - mid way through the cheese making process